Client - 株式会社大丸松坂屋百貨店/松坂屋上野店

I created the card and stamp graphics for a stamp-rally event held at Daimaru Matsuzakaya Department Store in Ueno. I created a design featuring an Ema with an "Amabie", with the wish that "2021 will be a good year!".The illustration of "Amabie" is made up of five colors: yellow, pink, light blue, red, and violet. It was a stamp rally where participants had to collect stamps of all colors to complete the illustration.
*Ema are wooden plaques on that people write their prayers or wishes.
"Stamp rally" is a game in which you collect stamps (marks or illustrations) placed in various places on a single card. Stamp rallies are generally placed at train stations and tourist attractions, and are loved by many generations in Japan.
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