Illustrator , Graphic artist
マツイユキコ - Yukiko Matsui


使用ツールはAdobe Illustrator、Photoshop、アクリル絵の具を用途によって使い分けています。

For those who live outside of Japan,
Thank you for visiting my website.
I've been freelancing since April 2019, after working in graphic design and art direction for advertising production and video production company
I am good at using human and language (typography) motifs, I like the Japanese culture of the 90s and the pop and poisonous atmosphere.
My job is to create graphics for posters, websites, videos, goods, etc., mainly for events.
My tools are Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and acrylic paints, and I use them differently depending on my use.

I'm not very good at English, so I use a translation app.
But I would like to help as many people as possible.
If you think it's okay to communicate using a translation app, please contact me. :)
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Exhibition Archives
2020.10|クリエイターEXPO(コンテンツ東京2020) ・出展
2019.11|デザインフェスタ vol.50 ・出展
2019.11|#私はこんな仕事がしたい展・ 出展
2019.08 |真夏のデザインフェスタ2019・ 出展
2016.09 |グループ展 / neomorph展・開催
2016.07|RSR2016 Tシャツデザインコンペ・準グランプリ受賞
2016.01|蔵前4273 アートカレンダー展・出展
2015.09|グループ展 / neomorph展・開催
2015.07|青山タンバリンギャラリー / ロバミュージアム2015 ・出展
2015.07|麻布十番 縁縁 / 角角展vol.2・出展
2015.06|RSR2015 Tシャツデザインコンペ・ノミネート
2015.05|麻布十番 縁縁 / Art Tシャツ展・出展
2014.07|個展 / モロコシトニック・開催
October 2020|Creator Expo (Contents-Tokyo 2020) ・Exhibit
November 2019 | Design Festa vol.50 ・ Exhibit
November 2019 | # Watashi-ha-konna-shigoto-ga-shitai Exhibition / Exhibit
August 2019 | Midsummer Design Festa 2019・ Exhibit
September 2016 | Group exhibition "neomorph exhibition"
July 2016 | RSR2016 T-shirt Design Competition, Second Grand Prix
January 2016 | Kuramae 4273 "Art Calendar Exhibition"・ Exhibit
September 2015 | Group exhibition “neomorph”
July 2015 | Aoyama Tambourine Gallery "Roba Museum 2015" ・ Exhibit
July 2015 | Azabu Juban En-En "Kakuno Kaku Exhibition vol.2"・ Exhibit
June 2015 |RSR2015 T-shirt Design Competition,Nomination
May 2015 | Azabu Juban En-En  "Art T-shirt Exhibition"・ Exhibit
July 2014 | Solo Exhibition “Morokoshi-Tonic”
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